Best Saltwater Spinning Reel Under $100 – May 2021

I want to answer the question I frequently get –“What is the very best saltwater spinning reel under $100”. The very first question which you have to answer yourself is what sort of fish are going to be targeting with this saltwater spinning reel.

We’ve chosen what we consider to be the Greatest Saltwater Spinning Reels Under $100 that will be mainly utilized for inshore fishing. Several of the programs that we have selected have bigger models that are also a great option for surfcasting.

While there are lots more reels that you are able to consider if you’re looking for a great inshore saltwater reel, we all believe that for the money these are the top.

Could You Find an Excellent Saltwater Spinning Reel Under $100?

The grade of the spinning reel defines all of your fishing experience. Even though there exists a misconception that high price means exceptional quality, it is not always correct. It’s the consumerist ideology that price is your most effective metric when evaluating the quality of almost any item. But in regards to saltwater spinning reels, you’ll get great value under $100.

What’s more, you get exceptional durability, power, strength, and precision while paying just a small percentage of the expense of high-end products. The only thing you should be focused on is exactly what you would like and also the specification, the others you can go to during our shortlisted reels and choose your ideal one.

Can Any Spinning Reel Be Used For Saltwater Fishing?

Multiple spinning reels are useful for both saltwater and freshwater fishing, but as the ability itself is so different that it is always best to purchase a spinning reel that is specially made for saltwater. Additional a fantastic spinning reel can be actually a base for fantastic expertise in saltwater. Saltwater Collars have to be high tech with precision workmanship to manage rough elements and fish that are tough.

Last, the durability levels demanded by a reel to last in saltwater are also rather distinct from the reels. It’s highly recommended to use reels especially built for saltwater fishing.

What to Look For When Investing in a Salt Water Spinning Reel

Since price is not the ideal representative of caliber, what is? There are a couple of things that you need to think about prior to buying a reel.

Durable Build:

Fishing in saltwater puts a great deal of pressure on your reel and tests its durability over the next level. Thus, it should be built strong and durable to withstand saltwater ordeals. You should carefully check the high quality of the substances used and the standard of the components used. Furthermore, you ought to finally assess whether the reel is well assembled or not. Ideally, it needs to really be anti-corrosive and sealed properly.


It is crucial to consider warranty policies before purchasing any rotation reel. A good warranty may be an indication of the top quality the reel is made of, and it’s also your security if something goes wrong.

Drag System:

Saltwater reels are mainly used to modulate the ease where the fishing line moves through the spool. A tighter or perhaps a higher haul makes it hard for your fishing line to move through the reel, which makes it more glowing. On the flip side, a loose or even a reduced haul makes it easy for the fishing line to proceed through the spool, and which makes it faster.

It can be difficult to come across a superb spinning reel that is under $100. Don’t worry, we’ve shortlisted them for you. If you don’t see what you are looking for here, then we encourage you to look whatsoever any of our Full Reviews on dozens of other options.

Here are the top saltwater spinning reel under $100

1 – Daiwa BG SW Spinning Reel


  • Black Anodized Machined Aluminum Housing (“Hard Bodyz” Body & Side Cover)
  • Over-sized Digigear (Digigear™ System) for strength
  • Waterproof Drag System to withstand harsh saltwater conditions
  • Air Rotor for balance and distributed stress
  • Infinite Anti-Reverse System (4000 and Smaller), Dual Anti-Reverse System (4500 and Larger)

The new Daiwa BG SW Spinning Reel was re-released in the spring of 2016 as the brand new version of the ever so popular Daiwa Black Gold that was on the market since 1981. What makes these reels so hot is they are extremely well made and easy to care for due to their simplistic design.

Do not let this reels’ easy design influence you from purchasing it. It is an extremely smooth reel that is offered in sizes from 1500 to target tiny species such as Spotted Trout all the way around the largest 8000 for your large fighting fish. Having a waterproof drag system made of carbon fiber grills and 6 ball-bearing, this is a superb reel that insufficient anglers are aware of.

2 – Shimano NASCI Spinning Reel


  • Hagane Cold Forged Gearing for silky smooth retrievals
  • Shimano X-Ship Technology for better efficiency and stability
  • Coreprotect Water Resistance for 360-degree water protection from the elements.
  • G Free Body for Improved weight and balance (similar to Shimano Stella design)
  • Composite Body for lightweight and durability

Shimano has long been famous for producing quality and smooth retrieving reels. The Shimano NASCI is a entrance price reel in Shimano, but still comprises some of the features which are found on more expensive reels like the Stradic FK and Stradic Ci4+. Characteristics like Hagane cold-forged gearing that is extremely smooth and X-Ship technologies that supports both the pinion gear with A-RB roller bearings.

The Shimano NASCI is offered in 5 versions that are all geared towards inshore fishing and are very lightweight using a composite figure. As a saltwater fisherman, I really enjoy that the reel is protected from Shimano’s Coreprotect water-resistant technology — a unique coating that is applied to key areas of the reel to withstand corrosion.

This is a fantastic reel for controlling everything from small trout all the way around medium-sized snook and reds.

3 – Okuma Inspira Spinning Reel


  • Lightweight C-40X carbon frame and side plates making this a great reel to fish all day long without fatigue.
  • 8BB + 1RB stainless steel bearings deliver a buttery retrieve.
  • Carbon Fiber Drag with multi ratcheted drag adjustment.
  • Precision machine-cut brass pinion gears for longevity and smoothness
  • CFR: Cyclonic Flow Rotor allows for even airflow drying the reel quicker and reducing corrosion.

The Okuma brand has been available on the marketplace for over 30 years and also for some reason, many anglers are not as familiar with it as Okuma does not possess the exact massive marketing budgets since Penn and Shimano. The Okuma Inspira was introduced to the marketplace in 2015 and is very lightweight with its own carbon fiber frame and side dishes. Together with 8 corrosion-resistant stainless steel ball bearings, a fast set anti-reverse posture, along the carbon fiber drag, the Okuma Inspira is prepared to have the majority of your inshore species.

Each time I use my Okuma Inspira, I am astounded at the caliber of the reel and the haul platform at this entry-level cost point.

4 – Penn Battle II Spinning Reel


  • Full metal body, side plate, and rotor for strength and durability
  • HT-100 carbon fiber drag washers for a smooth and strong drag
  • 5 sealed stainless steel ball bearings
  • Superline spool with capacity rings and rubber inlay to go straight to braid.
  • Heavy-duty aluminum bail wire

It’s got a reputation as being well built and durable in addition to providing a smooth retrieve. Together with 8 versions ranging from 1000 up to 8000, it’s simple to discover just the right size for the species which you’re targeting. We’ve been angling Penn Battles for many years and overall they are a superior reel that will not disappoint.

The something that I will say concerning the Penn Battle II is that it is somewhat heavier than I prefer for inshore fishing. However, with the additional weight of the complete metal body comes strength you won’t necessarily get in a lightweight reel. The HT-100 Drag process is made of a carbon fiber disk that is extremely smooth and delivers drag ratings from 9 pounds up to 30 lbs over the 8000 model. Overall, if you prefer the feel of a good reel in your hands (some weight) then you will adore the Penn Battle II.

5 – Pflueger Purist Spinning Reel


  • 10 Bearing System – Corrosion-resistant stainless steel ball bearings
  • Hybrid Body – Aluminum body with a graphite body cover, lightweight strength
  • Aluminum Spool – Lightweight, durable, spool design
  • Sealed Carbon Drag – Sealed system, always lubricated, always smooth
  • Aluminum Handle – Aircraft grade aluminum, extreme durability
  • Soft Touch Knob – Soft touch rubber knob provides excellent grip and comfort

The Pflueger Purist is a wonderful inshore reel for saltwater fishing if you are targeting mid-sized species. Using its hybrid and graphite body, this is a very lightweight reel using the 3000 version weighing in at only 8.5 ounces (I really like a light reel). The Pflueger Purist includes a sealed carbon fiber haul which is strong, sleek, and good for inshore fishing. We rated this reel marginally lower than the Okuma Inspira because of 9 pounds versus 13 lbs of drag the 3000 diameter reel.

Together with 9 stainless steel ball bearings and the titanium-coated line roller, so I am impressed by how smooth the recovery is as well as how this reel manages line administration. Overall this is a very good reel and has been good enough to beat out the other contenders to our top 5 Greatest Saltwater Spinning Reels under $100.

Aspects to Consider Before Buying

There are particular aspects that need to be thought about carefully before buying, or it may be the reason for concern later.

Material & Weight:

Fishing is a very slow process, and also you want to keep your pole the whole time, thus the weight can be an important element. In case the spinning reel is bulky, then it can cause wrist and arm fatigue over long amounts of time. Aluminum and Graphite usually make lighter and stronger reels.

Gear Ratio:

Gear Ratio basically defines the speed and power of your gear. If you enjoy fishing for fish that is fast, then you want to go for a high gear ratio, which may eventually result in a high-speed outcome. On the other hand, if you want to fish for milder fish, afterward the very low gear ratio might only do the job. It will involve some rotational power as well as the essential torque.


Line Capacity tells you about the length of the mainline, the burden that the reel could sustain, and also how big bass the reel could simply encourage. These are normally printed on the reel and will need to be in keeping with your personal needs.


Every Spinning Reel is designed while keeping certain aspects and details in mind, and with this list, you are able to clearly see why saltwater reels stand out the way they do while still being affordable. Their strength and durability can’t be replaced or overlooked. Hence, carefully evaluate your next purchasing choice.

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