Wychwood 2018 carp gear – First-look reviews

Hello, I'm Thom from Carpfeedcom, we're at ICE Tackle today, which is our chance to see Wychwood's latest kit

We'll start with this item behind me – this is the Tactical Carp Tarp It's a big tarpaulin, effectively, it's made from the same material that Wychwood's great brollies are made from There's a 10,000mm hydrostatic head on that, so it's nice and waterproof It's really versatile, lots of loops and Velcro fastenings – you can have it as a standard bedchair cover, you can have it as a barrow cover as well, or, with the aid of a storm pole or two, you can prop it up and have a little bit of a shelter It's £54

99 and it folds up really small You can just bung that in your rucksack A new addition to Wychwood's carp-care range is this Walled Unhooking Mat Now, most walled unhooking mats are really hefty things – great for carp safety but when you're lugging them around they can get pretty heavy This one is really lightweight

In fact, we can't think of many that will beat it in terms of just how easy it is to transport around This is what it looks like when it's compacted down It folds down really nicely and if you want an even more lightweight option you can remove the mat itself and that can be a day mat that you can take around while you're stalking It's got straps at either end and this comes in at £7499

There are plenty of new rods in Wychwood's 2018 range The Extricator Plus is the one that's caught my eye here today It's a lovely blank with a lovely very slimline finish These are 9ft and 10ft rods, which continue to be popular among carp anglers A detail that we really love is this handle

It's almost like a golf-club grip It's a rubberised material, it's got that little Wychwood detail in there, and yes, it's a small little thing, but it just sets this rod off really nicely As I said, these are £120 each, these are lovely little rods We've been a massive fan of Wychwood's brollies for a long time now and in 2018 it's a case of evolution rather than revolution These are the mk2 versions of the HD MHR brollies

We've got the full system that I'm in now and we've got an open-fronted one as well This one comes in at just under £300, the open-fronted one just under £200 Lots of little added tweaks on these, because it was already a very good brolly system to begin with There's a slightly different colour, slightly simpler front doors so it's easier when you pack it all down Different pegging points so you can get it nice and low in high winds and heavy rain and an improved bell cap as well on the main mechanism

We really like this – it's a design that's stood the test of time and these tweaks only add to it

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