Why Crabs & Anglers Don't Mix!

Why Crabs & Anglers Don't Mix!

Using My Water Wolf Camera To Video Bait Stealing Crabs!

Summer is here! By noon i had kids swimming under my rods & the parents don’t even care. Even had an adult IDIOT getting tangled in my line screaming he can’t swim after i told him to avoid my lines. So i packed it up & went home to cut videos. Seems all that splashing scared away even the smaller fish that pick my hooks clean. All except the master of bait stealing. The crab.

You know when they’re around by the micro-tugs to the leader line coming back with multiple crimps and no bait. Right? Well to understand this process better look at this video and tell me now it makes perfect sense. Sorry, filmed in a lagoon area in 15ft. Very green water & low visibility.

Fishing Rigs Used-
2- 11′ Cedros H Surf Rods w/Surf 8K’s w/250yd 65lb braid backing to
100yd 50lb mono top shot.
1- 12′ MH Cedros Surf Rod w/Azores55 w/280yd 50lb braid.

Song: Chaël – Sparks (Vlog No Copyright Music)
Music promoted by Vlog No Copyright Music.
Video Link: https://youtu.be/7kyQWkxsnt8

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