ULTRA CLEAR Sight Fly Fishing In A URBAN Stream.. New Zealand

ULTRA CLEAR Sight Fly Fishing In A URBAN Stream.. New Zealand

In this video i do a solo mission to try break in the new fly fishing combo with a brown trout from a stream, late season can provide some wicked sight fishing in my area..


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Camera Gear I Use
Nikon : https://www.amazon.com/Nikon-D5600-Di…
GoPro : https://www.amazon.com/GoPro-CHDHX-40…

Rods I Use :
Rod : https://www.daiwa.co.nz/td-sol
Rod : https://www.daiwa.co.nz/silver-creek-rod
Rod : https://www.daiwa.co.nz/exceler-canal
Rod : https://www.marine-deals.co.nz/daiwa-…
Rod : https://www.daiwa.co.nz/bluebacker

Reels I Use :
Reel : https://www.daiwa.co.nz/lexa-300-hd
Reel : https://www.daiwa.co.nz/td-sol-iii-lt…
Reel : https://www.daiwa.co.nz/silver-creek-…
Reel : https://www.daiwa.co.nz/legalis
Reel : https://www.daiwa.co.nz/bg

Braid & Leader I Use
Braid : https://www.daiwa.co.nz/j-braid-x8-mu…
Braid : https://www.daiwa.co.nz/evo-chartreuse
Braid : https://www.blackmagictackle.com/shop…
Leader : https://www.blackmagictackle.com/shop…

Fly Fishing Gear I Use :
Rod : https://www.manictackleproject.com/cr…
Reel : https://www.manictackleproject.com/li…
Fly Line : https://www.manictackleproject.com/ai…

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