The *EASIEST* Saltwater Fishing Bait You Can Use! (Live Shrimp)

The *EASIEST* Saltwater Fishing Bait You Can Use! (Live Shrimp)

What is going on saltoogans?! In this video me and my girlfriend (Taylor) headed out simply doing some old school dock fishing with live shrimp. It was a little bit later in the day, so we went to the local bait shop & picked up three dozen live shrimp. We were simply casting our shrimp out, and letting them float back in the current. This simple method was SLAYING the fish! We even had a double hook up on the first cast while being here! All in all we probably caught 12+ fish ranging from Redfish – Speckled Trout. This trip was surprisingly one of the most fun trips I’ve had fishing in awhile. Its good to get back out there and just do the type of fishing that got you started in the first place. Anyways, I hope you all enjoyed the adventure that we had today. I appreciate all the support on the channel recently, you guys are the best! Keep it up! Until next time folks… TIGHT LINES! #SetMandNetM


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