SALTWATER MULTI-SPECIES Fishing! 6 Different Species in ONE DAY! ft. Symplex Fishing

SALTWATER MULTI-SPECIES Fishing! 6 Different Species in ONE DAY! ft. Symplex Fishing

READ the description for MORE DETAILS (including gear used)!
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June 25th, 2018 — For my 85th outing of this year, my friend David Ho (a.k.a. Symplex Fishing) and I went to the South New Jersey shore to explore new fishing spots!

As a result, I was able to do some intense saltwater Multi-Species fishing! Heh. 6 saltwater Species in one day — not too shabby, eh?!

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Gear used in this video:

Rod: KastKing Perigee II, 7’0″, 2 pieces, medium-heavy (*)
Reel: KastKing Sharky II, 3000 model (*)
Line: KastPro Spectra Braided Line, 15lbs test (*)
Bait/lures: Dropper Loop rig with a Gulp! Alive Swimming Mullet, 3-4 inches (*), on a size #3/0 Gamakatsu Baitholder hook (*), above a 1-2 oz. pyramid sinker (*); size #18 Mustad Hook (*) baited with small pieces of Mussel; and size #10 Gamakatsu Circle Hook (*) bait with small pieces of Clam, above a 1 oz. pyramid sinker.


Photo Camera: Sony Cyber-Shot, Exmor, 18.2 megapixels. (*)
Filming Camera: GoPro Hero 4 Silver (*)
External Microphone: Movo GM100 Lavalier (*)

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