I'm in the hospital | Fishing Withdrawals – Catch & Cook Coming!

I'm in the hospital | Fishing Withdrawals – Catch & Cook Coming!

In this fishing episode I am not fishing. Instead I’m in the hospital with fishing withdrawals. I do however, have a catch and cook I will be releasing on Thursday! So catch and cook coming coon!

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In this fishing episode heiko is in the hospital. Yes… you read that right. Heiko in the hospital. And no it’s not from fishing withdrawal. Although now that I think about it…

I was not feeling well due to chest pains and other reasons, so I decide to go to the ER and get the full 9 yards of testing done. Just to make sure there was nothing serious going on with my heart.

I don’t like to be at the hospital. I only go to the hospital if i’m actually in serious pain since I HATE needles. Luckily I have my computer with me in the hospital and was able to work on a catch and cook fishing video while resting in bed.

You can expect my fishing withdrawals to go away soon! And get ready for some awesome catch and cook fishing episodes here on the south florida fishing channel. I hope to stay out of the hospital for the next few years!

I hope you enjoyed this I’m in the hospital with fishing withdrawals and almost catch and cook coming soon episode on the South Florida Fishing Channel. Please leave a like and comment to show your support. Thank you!
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