How To Wacky Rig & Flyline A Senko [HD] (Bass Fishing Tips)

How To Wacky Rig & Flyline A Senko [HD] (Bass Fishing Tips)

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In this episode, join Lip RipperZ and Bass Dynasty Pro Staff and Professional Fishing Guide, Mark Franco, discussing one of his favorite bass fishing techniques called Flylining and Wacky Worming a Senko aka Stick Bait. Which is absolute deadly on largemouth bass! Flylining means fishing a plastic lure without any weight! The key to this is light line and preferably a spinning reel. A baitcasting reel can also work, but because of the lack of fishing weight, it may be tough to cast. Hooking in the middle of the worm is referred to Wacky Rigging the worm. A common way to fish a bass Senko. Fishing your bass Senko slow, will draw in more bites as your bass Senko is crawling on the bottom.

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