Fly Fishing Nymphs – Fly Fishing Basics

Fly Fishing Nymphs – Fly Fishing Basics

Fly Fishing Nymphs – Fly Fishing Basics // DOWNLOAD YOUR FLY FISHING CHEAT SHEET Now For FREE:

What is fly fishing with nymphs? Nymphs have often saved the whole fishing trip when nothing else works and catching a trout with a fly feels impossible. Fly fishing with nymphs is one of the most effective flyfishing techniques, because you can serve your fly right in front of the fish.
In this video you’ll see:
– why nymph fly fishing is so effective
– how nymph fly bead head makes it sink to the bottom
– fly fishing basics for catching a rainbowtrout with Czech nymphing
– fly fishing in Jormasjoki, Kainuu, Finland

The video is part of my 10k Fly Fishing Experiment. I want to share these outdoor adventures with you, to inspire you to get outside while teach you fly fishing tips.

Episode 026 of 10K Fly Fishing Experiment. Hours 263 to 268 out of 10000. Fly-fishing in Jormasjoki River in Sotkamo / Vuokatti in Kainuu. Fishing in Finland.

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