Fly Fishing DownUnder

Fly Fishing DownUnder
“O sir, doubt not but that angling is an art. Is it not an art to deceive a trout with an artificial fly?
Doubt not, therefore, sir, but that angling is an art, and an art worth your learning ”
‘Angling an Art’
By Izaak Walton (1593–1683)

The sheltered waters, prolific bait schools, and attendant predators bring fishermen from around the world.

Getting a fly deep down in the water column requires skill, as does clearing the line from the deck once you are hooked up to these speedsters.

Peter Morse reckons that any fish is a good fish, just that some are better than others. Sight casting to tailing fish in ankle deep water however, is the apple from the top of the tree.

The Tasmanian Trout fishery has existed since the English colonised this island state. With Tasmania’s cool climate and clear water, the trout have thrived, providing a very challenging senario.

The strikes caught on film are explosive. Heaps of great information for those just starting their journey into the exciting world of fly fishing, and action to satisfy the hard bitten enthusiast.

One of the highlights in the saltwater fly fisherman’s journal is to walk along a pristine beach devoid of footprints, and to scan the shallow clear waters for signs of large, feeding fish.

Different flies and techniques are needed depending on the actions and body language of the fish. Casts often need to be fast and accurate, and reels need plenty of backing.

The places where rivers meet the sea are rich in marine life – if you get there on the right tide.

Christmas Island is one of the great fishing destinations of the world, and especially famous for its superlative bonefish action. The vast, shallow flats of the world’s largest coral atoll teem with these wonderful sportfish. Even small bones take you well into the backing, and when the sight fishing gets tough, there are tailing fish on offer… Could this be a fly fisher’s heaven on earth? We’ll let you be the judge!

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