Fishing Kayak Setup Ideas – 34 Easy Kayak Modifications for Fishing

Fishing Kayak Setup Ideas – 34 Easy Kayak Modifications for Fishing

Check out these 34 fishing kayak setup ideas that show many fishing kayak accessories as well as the fishing kayak modifications I made to optimize my Jackson Coosa FD setup and you can apply these to your fishing kayak as well; proving fishing kayak mods do not have to be complicated or costly.
Stand up assist strap:
Kayak Cart:
Dollar Store Fish Bag:
Front Hatch Dollar Store Storage Hacks:
Option 1:
Option 2:
Kayak Transportation Hacks including the assist strap:
Rod Holder Mistake and Solution:
Fish Finder Installation Guidance and Mistake Avoidance:
Fish Finder Battery Box:
Deeper Fish Finder Review:
Kayak Fishing Tool Caddy
Option 1:
Option 2:
Kayak Cup Holder Hack:
Kayak Bump Bar Storage:
Kayak Rig Rack:
PVC Gear Head Adapter:
Option 1:
Option 2:
Kayak Lumbar Support for Seat:
Kayak Scent Holder:
DIY Anchor Trolley:
Anchor Float:
Don’t Make this Anchor Trolley Mistake:
Dive Reel Anchor Line:
Kayak Paddle Holder Clip Hack:
Milk Crate Setup Ideas:–joNHmZ-kC3Hp_Suqx0qc
Kayak Tackle Management and Organization Hacks:
Kayak Live Bait Management Hacks:
Boonedox Landing Gear Fix:
Kayak Cart DIY:
Kayak Rear Hatch Storage Insert:
DIY Rear Camera Mount:
Stabilized Front Camera Mount:
Lightning Detector Review:
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