EPIC Bass Fishing w/ my FAVORITE RAPPER!!!

EPIC Bass Fishing w/ my FAVORITE RAPPER!!!

My dream came true…I got to take my favorite rapper fishing for 2 days! Subscribe if you want to see more fishing videos like this! http://bit.ly/2mjkWmW

Listen to PROF https://rse.lnk.to/PookieBaby
PROF on IG http://bit.ly/PROFinsta

8 Year Old Fights BIGGEST FISH EVER from Roadside Drain!!!

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Track your Fishing Trips w/ ANGLR http://bit.ly/2EfcMVE

How to use LIVE BLUEGILL to Catch Bass!!

I CAN’T BELIEVE the GIANT Fish in this TINY Pond!!

BULL FROG Catch and Cook! (SO DELICIOUS!!!)

Micro Fishing for a NEW PET!!!

Unexpected Catch While Fishing a Small Creek!!

I CAN’T BELIEVE the GIANT Fish in this TINY Pond!!

Cops Called while Fishing by Power Plant…he was PISSED!!!

GIANT Bass Barely Fit Through the Hole!!! (Pond Ice Fishing)

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