Catfish Fishing – Part 1 – How to Catch Catfish – Secrets and Tricks

Catfish Fishing – Part 1 – How to Catch Catfish – Secrets and Tricks

The secrets of catching catfish. We’re here, in early April, catfishing the Welland River, Ontario, Canada to show you how to catch catfish.

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You dont always need a boat to go fishing, there’s a lot of good fishing to be done from shore. Today we’re targeting channel catfish. Today’s setup is the Thundermist Bait Rig with two hooks, a powerpro line, 30 pound test with a fluorocarbon leader. However we don’t really need the fluorocarbon leader because the water is so murky that it doesnt really make much of a difference.

First thing I’m going to do is put on some fresh cut bait. When cutting fresh bait always make sure you keep some skin on each piece and put the hook right through that skin. The skin will help keep your bait on your hook much longer. Poke the hook through the skin and scale once and then come back through to the other side. Today I’m using large 5/0 Mustad Ultra Point hooks.

I also have a heavy lead sinker on here because of the April weather. A cold front moved in, we had a lot of rain, and the current of the Welland river is flowing strongly in one direction and the wind is going strongly in the other direction. A heavier sinker helps keep your line in place.

So what you want to do is cast your line and hopefully head right out in to the middle of the river. Fishing from shore is a little bit different than fishing from a boat.

If I was in a boat and I was drifting, I would be using the Viper Spoon with a strip of cut bait because when you’re drifting or trolling you’re covering a lot of water.

From shore you want to do the opposite. You want to cast your line out to one spot, and keep your line in that one spot because you want to attract your fish to your bait. Instead of bringing the bait to the fish, the fish will come to your bait. Continue casting in the same spot for all of your consecutive casts. This way you’ll create a scent trail in one particular area which will attract the catfish.

There’s nothing like coming out early in the spring. As soon as the ice thaws and the water warms up a bit these creeks and rivers start to come alive with fish. At this time of year theres a lot of good fishing to be done by shore.

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As always until next time, good luck and good fishin’!

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